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Giro Mundur is a banking product that uses an authorized Giro form from a bank that can be used as a means of payment or transfer from a sender account to a recipient account that can be made at any time by using a withdrawal order. According to UU No. 10 Tahun 1998 in the banking sector, the definition of Giro is a deposit that can be withdrawn at any time by using authorized Giro forms which means the Giro account can be withdrawn at any time after the specified conditions have been met such as balance, validity, and completeness of an authorized Giro form and bank office hours.


Image 1. An example of Giro from.

The use of Giro Mundur is a common payment method in Indonesia because the maker of the authorized Giro form can set the issue date, clearing date, the amount that needs to be transferred, and the recipient’s account number. Thus, an authorized Giro form is a safe payment method chosen for a sender who wishes to transfer an enormous amount of money to the recipient's account because all requirement or condition above needs to be valid before the transaction can be made.

Features of Acunomic's Giro Payment Solution

Giro Payment

Giro payment is a solution from Acunomic for business owners who wish to upgrade their ERP system. In Indonesia, Giro payment is a common payment method for individuals or business owners to make their transaction process to be safer and more secure. Acunomic has followed the best practice for Giro payment in Indonesia, resulting in designing AR Giro/Check Report  and AP Giro/Check Report which show necessary information from the Giro payment form.

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Image 2. Process AR Giro/Checks Payments

Acunomic provides a solution for multiple Releases or Rejections for the Giro/Check payment by using Process AR Giro/Check Payment and Process AP Giro/Check Payment to facilitate the transactions process on the same day. By choosing either Release or Reject in the Action column, multiple transactions’ statuses will be changed automatically with one click as well as a Journal Transaction is generated accordingly.


Benefit of using Giro

Image 3. Process AR Giro/Checks Payments

Other than manual transfer from the bank, Giro Mundur is a form payment method that numerous entrepreneurs used for transferring a large amount of money to their suppliers. The benefits of using Giro Mundur are:

  1. Security Guarantee: Transaction only can be made by the related person that is written in the authorized Giro form. Even though the person can be represented, the representative needs to have power of attorney (Surat Kuasa) from the party who is unable to attend.

  2. Right Target: As mentioned in Point No. 1, the transaction can be made by a related person attached to the authorized Giro document. As a result, Giro Mundur is a secure payment option for individuals or corporate.

  3. Cancellation: Giro Mundur can be canceled by the person who sends the fund due to some circumstances. This can be done when the transaction process is not carried out by the recipient of the Giro payment document form within a specified date or the balance is not sufficient to make a fund transfer.

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