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Acumatica 2021 R2 Overview

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

What are we waiting for on Acumatica 2021 R2 launch in mid of September 2021?

General Update

  • Enable global market expansion by sharing data, providing real-time reporting, and allowing transactions between companies with different base currencies

  • Work faster without context-switching with our Acumatica for Microsoft Teams integration


  • Reduce time spent finding actions and reports through a consolidated toolbar

  • Accelerate the ability to act on data by providing a sorting option for dashboard tables

  • Automate complex business processes without programming and react to data changes by creating tasks from business events

  • Increase efficiency by triggering business events from the workflow engine

  • Save time and boost productivity by predefining and automating administrative tasks and triggering notifications when key activities occur

Financials and CRM

  • Improve email tracking, deliverability, and scalability via Acumatica’s integration to SendGrid

  • Boost efficiency when managing AR refunds with open balances​

  • Simplify reconciliation by matching bank transactions to multiple receipts and disbursements

  • Improve accuracy and financial visibility by enhancing AP/AR balance reporting

  • Enhanced visibility to make business decisions and inform employees with the new Operational and Employee Payroll dashboards

Different Customer Industries new Features

Distribution and Ecommerce

  • Boost sales and increase revenue with new up-sell and cross-sell capabilities

  • Improve fill rates and on-time order fulfillment with item substitutions

  • Increase warehouse efficiency with paperless, directed picking

  • Optimize stocking levels and locations using deadstock reports

  • Delight your online customers and build brand loyalty with support for special instructions and gift-wrapping

Field Service Company

  • Save time and simplify your project workflow via project drop shipments

  • Synchronize your AP bills and sub invoices seamlessly with Procore to enhance visibility and eliminate redundant work

  • Streamline billing and improve flexibility by configuring service contract billing for the start of each period

  • Reduce clicks to improve efficiency while adding inventory and tracking time on your mobile device

  • Correct data entry errors using the new project reclassification feature

Manufacturing Company

  • Visualize production schedules in a timeline view to easily identify over and under-utilized resources, customer commitments, and material constraints

  • Enable traceability of raw materials and components to pre-assigned lot or serialized finished goods for improved quality control and traceability

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