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Security Setup for Support Employee on Self-Service Portal Guide

As we all know, every company must have several roles to support their business well. Administrator, technical support, financial officer, and even marketing officer are the basic roles that every company must have to run all of its activities. But, in a bigger company, those roles will be developed into more specific roles which have more specific jobs such as Support Employees who can provide and develop support for the customer.

To assign an employee to become a support employee, please kindly follow the steps below.

Using Acumatica ERP with administrator credential, go to the Employees (EP203000) screen and create a new employee (ex: Max Mustermann) and fill in the fields with the right identity.

On the Access Rights by Roles (SM201025) screen, create a new role named Support Officer. Define all the needed rights to access the support cases submitted by the customer using the node in the left pane and then define the access rights using the right pane.

On the Users (SM201010) screen, create a new login (ex: max) and select the Linked Entity into the Employee contact that has been named Max Mustermann. And then, select the Support Officer box in the Roles column.

When the support employee login using the right credential in the Acumatica ERP instance, the employee will be able to access and give respond to the submitted customer cases from the Acumatica ERP Portal using the Cases (CR3060PL) screen by creating a new activity.

For further information: click here

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