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Haufe X360 is a modular platform with an open interface for third-party systems with German language & system localization. According to Gartner analysts, Haufe X360 solutions are at the forefront of modern ERP systems. Based on the Acumatica source code, the Haufe X360 was developed for the German market 

Digital Transformation


There are various advantages that come with using Cloud ERP, such as ideally networking by connecting third-party systems to Haufe X360, implementing it quickly even in just a few weeks, it will be active soon, the most interesting thing is that you don't have to install anything to use it so it's cloud-based. Full cost control for the first 30 days for free and can be canceled every month and can be adjusted flexibly to the needs of the industry. It will always be up to date so it doesn't thwart the data migration process and can be designed for use by 10-150+ employees


Haufe X360


Small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone and the main future engine of the German economy. As a pioneer and companion to advance the digital transformation process, the company's 360° platform, Haufe X360 Cloud-ERP is used to form an ecosystem that paves the way for small and medium-sized enterprises (20-250 employees) into the future. In addition, it can digitize value chains, network with large markets, and adopt new business models.

The experience of ERP providers in the technology market makes the world move forward to better and more efficiently exploit the future potential for medium-sized enterprises, such as in the application of voice control elements, in robotics and augmented reality, and especially in the field of Industry 4.0. Acumatica is a global pioneer and relies on the latest technological developments at an early stage.


Vision and Best of Worlds

Founded in 1951, it employs more than 2,000 people in 21 locations worldwide. The group is known as a digital pioneer so most DAX companies use innovative solutions from the group of companies. Cloud-ERP Haufe X360 can combine the top technical know-how of a traditional and innovative mid-size German company in line with the cloud computing technologies of two global market leaders. When individual specialists combine their knowledge and synergies it opens up new potential for the whole.


The Biggest ERP Myth Study:

Multiple Reservations related to ERP Systems

Too big, inflexible, expensive: a prejudice against ERP systems is widespread, especially among SMEs. It's confirmed by IDG Research's study of Cloud-ERP issues in mid-sized enterprises that the positive experiences of ERP users refute even the most stubborn myths.

  1. ERP systems are only for big companies - That's not true! This is supported by figures from the IDG study: 70% of SMEs give cloud technology the highest priority, and 60% for Cloud-ERP systems. Haufe X360 is the optimal solution for various needs and company sizes in accordance with its vision of an optimal ERP for medium-sized companies.

  2. ERP systems are too complex for business processes - Haufe X360 offers standard business processes that can be easily, flexibly, and precisely customized. Companies only pay for what they use, which is why more than two-thirds of SMBs have switched to Cloud-ERP solutions, but for small companies, the rate is very high at 77%.

  3. Switch to ERP to open a business within months - Transition is quick and easy with digital tools developed through automated migration of data to Cloud-ERP. About 80 percent of companies surveyed are satisfied with the move to the cloud.

  4. Data Safer on Local Server than on Cloud - Haufe X360 stores data exclusively in German data centers that comply with the most stringent data protection laws worldwide. Data is more protected than in the workplace or any other company. However, around 14% still have doubts about Cloud-ERP solutions. So a lot of persuasions is needed.

  5. ERP maintenance is expensive and time-consuming - With the Haufe X360 cloud solution, you can easily hand over the operation, maintenance, and support. This is done conveniently, safely, saves time and money, and nerves.

  6. ERP systems complicate work processes – Haufe X360 Cloud-ERP provider specializes in mid-sized enterprise requirements and possibilities and provides the right system for business scenarios.

  7. Data analysis is only for large companies – Medium companies benefit from detailed data analysis of all areas of the company and precise predictions from Artificial Intelligence. The IDG study shows that Cloud-ERP helped 8/10 SMBs improve data quality by switching to Cloud-ERP and optimizing their processes automatically.


All Core Processes in One Software

ERP software offers many advantages to a company, such as uniform database for all departments - improved communication between different divisions, meaningful reporting in a short time, no additional effort due to double data entry, time savings in the collection and evaluation of company data, and improved project management through clear structure.This means that with ERP software, business decisions can be made at any time based on facts, as all data can be called up in real time. This is exactly what Haufe X360 enables its users to do. 



Haufe X360 Product Modules


Every company is unique and has its special business processes. Haufe X360 varies according to your needs. Industry-specific requirements can be implemented quickly and easily and can be combined with modern interface technologies.

Haufe X360 External Sales

Haufe X360 Accounting


Sales representatives access all product and customer information online via mobile devices. Contract conclusions are immediately transmitted to the ERP.

Haufe X360 CRM


The CRM system provides all customer information from all areas of the company in real-time, so you always have a complete picture.

Haufe X360 Project Controlling


All relevant information is bundled in one place: budgets, performance, and forecasts. More profitability and performance with simplified processes.


The cloud-based accounting software from Haufe X360 includes all financial applications for companies with complex requirements - linked to all modules.

Haufe X360 E-Commerce


Haufe X360 E-Commerce links all common web shops with the Haufe X360 finance, sales, inventory, CRM, and procurement systems - in real-time.

Haufe X360 Production


Planning, control, and optimization of production at several locations. Everything is in the right place at the right time, planned for the short or long term.

Haufe X360 Warehouse Management

The Haufe X360 merchandise management system maps all goods flow across departments. Here's how to reduce costs and optimize the business value chain.


Haufe X360 Interfaces

Haufe X360 offers 30 interfaces as standard and can be ordered up to 150 more. In addition, it can auto-connect via REST API and SOAP API.


Forrester Study 2020

  1. 66% return on investment

  2. 15% higher gross margin

  3. 15% more sales

  4. 45% more productive employees

  5. 50% of IT time available for new tasks

  6. 50% fewer resources to manage ERP solutions

  7. 10% more effective in marketing spend

  8. 45% increase in operational efficiency

  9. 16 months for return

  10. Greater employee satisfaction

  11. Better usability on more devices

  12. Greater business flexibility and agility

“In a competitive business environment, companies must be more adaptable. This requires a modern, flexible software system that optimally connects processes, transmits data in real-time, and enables rapid changes in business strategy. Only modern cloud ERP solutions offer all this.”

Forrester Studies, 2020


Maximum Security - Benefit from German Standards

  • Data Security - All data is stored in German high-security data centers

  • Data Protection - German data protection guidelines apply to data storage

  • Preventive Protection - Physical barriers, fencing, fire protection, cooling systems, protection against cyber attacks and forces of nature, 24-hour surveillance.

  • Availability - The Failsafe network ensures 95% availability.

  • Certification - Cloud used is ISO 27001 certified.

  • Encryption - Modern SSL transport encryption (TLS1.2) and AES data encryption

  • Backups - Backups are created automatically every 8 minutes — geo-redundant at 2 locations in Germany.

  • Recovery - The last 3 hours' data state is restored.

Data Protection and Data Security in the Cloud - Some companies are still hesitant to entrust their company data to third parties. However, in terms of data protection and data security, German data centers are usually much more secure than the company's own servers that use local systems. Why: The Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) is one of the most stringent data protection laws in the world. It sets out in detail the roles of providers, and users, and the rights and obligations of both parties. BDSG ensures that the data protection and data security of all types of cloud programs meet very high standards. Of course, this also applies to Cloud-ERP services.

Therefore, there are two requirements for Cloud-ERP providers in Germany that must comply without limitation:

  1. If the Cloud-ERP provider assigns a subcontractor, it must already state their name when the contract is completed. It even has to let its customers know if a new service provider accepts orders later. In addition, its subscribers have specific objection and termination rights for each of these nine entries.

  2. Companies whose data is stored in the cloud do not relinquish any rights: they retain ownership of their own data. Cloud providers must ensure that it is possible to view, transfer and delete data at any time.

At Haufe, the security of customer's data is top priority. That's why it not only adheres to the highest security standards but also conducts continuous testing of its own to protect them from attacks. Together with Haufe Group as a joint business, we support sustainable entrepreneurship and build your trust


Awards and Media Releases

  • After a comprehensive strategy and capability assessment, market research and advisory firm IDC positioned Acumatica as a global market leader for SaaS and cloud-enabled ERP applications for midsize businesses. (“IDC MarketScape 2020” by International Data Corporation)

  • The combination of microservices architecture, multi-tenancy, and the ability to add personalized or even new functionality with little or no code significantly speeds up the development process. (“Innovation fuels Acumaticas Accelerated Growth” by Mint Jutras)

  • According to market research firm InfoTech, Acumatica is one of the ERP providers with the highest customer satisfaction. Compared to a total of 18 companies, the company ranks second after Oracle. ("Emotional Tracking Software Review 2020", Info Tech)


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