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On September 30th, 2022 all financial institutions in Switzerland stopped using the payment process by reference (ISR) in which Banks issue ISR customer numbers to customers and payments are made to the bank. This is done so customers don’t have to go to a bank to pay their bills. So, after that date, payments will be made using the QR-Bill method. This method makes paying bills easier and more practical, especially for large scale corporations.

Features of Acunomic's QR-Bill Solution

Integrated Creditor Reference number generation for IBAN

The Creditor Reference (RF) contains a 25 character alphanumeric string with two check digits for validity. Because many country-specific standards are in the process of being identified, the RF was created to provide a standard that can be used instead of a certain country identifier. Creating a QR-Bill from Acunomic Solution itself consists of:

  1. Invoice printing

  2. Releasing Invoices

  3. Send Invoice

QR Creditor Reference English Version

QR Creditor Reference English Version.png

QR Creditor Reference German Version

QR Creditor Reference German Version.png

Integrated QR-reference number generation for QR-IBAN

QR reference construction is made of 27 digit that can be created to include different types of numerical information such as, the document number, customer number, invoice number, etc. The reference number will be valid so long as the check digit is correct, regardless of how a company decides to create their QR-Reference.

QR-Reference English version

QR-Reference English version.png

QR-Reference German version

QR-Reference German Version.png

All of the products we provide will always use a QR Bill payment process to make it easier for clients and also for product owners to make payments and collect data from all clients who use our products. In addition, it is also hoped that this payment will increase the number of customers who use the products we offer.

Introduction QR-Bill

QR-Bill is an invoice with integrated payment and receipt sections and replaces the orange and red payment slips. Here are some important things to know about QR-Bill

  • Like an ordinary invoice, the bottom is divided into two parts like today's payment slip

  • Receipt

  • Payment section includes Swiss QR Code

  • Contains all relevant information required for invoicing and payment


Fairly good reception Swiss QR Code in the payment section with his smartphone, computer camera or without hands and then only need to pay for an additional entry. The tedious typing of account numbers and references is no longer necessary. QR billing in three different versions, which differ only in the use of the account or IBAN and its reference:​​

  • Billing in Switzerland with orange payment slip is a QR bill with QR-IBAN and QR reference. QR references are equivalent to today's ISR references and to match your invoices with current incoming payments.

  • A simple invoice with a red payment slip is an IBAN without a structured reference.

  • International bills in the form of QR-bills with IBAN and creditor references in which a structured creditor reference (SCOR) has the same function as a QR reference. But have differences in the logic of calculations and facts that can be used in international payments.

The advantages of QR-Bill at a glance for billers in making payments or bill settlements are as follows

  • Can continuously use existing ISR reference number (= QR reference).

  • Can combine reference numbers and messages.

  • You can print invoices yourself on white perforated paper, meaning you don't need to order or take a pre-printed payment slip. With existing QR, you can have the choice of whether to download a payment slip in pdf or png format or request to send the QR to your debtor by post.

The advantages of QR-Bill at a glance for bill recipients

  • Receive structured billing information for automatic accounting reconciliation.

  • Swiss QR Code scanning replaces manual entry of payment data.

  • Check the correct payment data thanks to the possibility of comparing the data read by the Swiss QR Code with the text in the visible area in the payment section.

  • Has the freedom to choose the payment channel: e-banking, m-banking, or payment at the counter which is possible.

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