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Security Setup for Customer on Self-Service Portal Guide

In this digital era, companies have undergone major changes in consumer attitudes towards customer service. With the internet, so many business processes have become more confident, informed, and independent directly by the customers—especially for service companies. Acumatica ERP, with its Customer Self-Service Portal feature, can help the company to manage its own Customer Portal in order to maintain and develop its service quality. This portal enables the company to create a customer portal experience where customers can access their information including contracts, financial statements, support cases, and more. Since it is just a customer portal, this portal only has limited access to the Acumatica ERP instance. On the other side, some companies may have several types of customers whose access has to be managed in this portal as well. So, how could we manage it properly? To manage access to the Self-Service Portal, the Portal admin can assign the sets of access rights designed for users with similar responsibilities. These roles are assigned access rights to the appropriate system objects and functionality, so users can only access the information they need.

For example, in the help guide using the U100 Sweetlife company database, the admin portal (which is given to Kimberly Gibbs) can create some external users named customer user and customer admin roles. To create external users for customers as described, you can follow this step

On the Acumatica ERP instance, go to the User Types (EP202500) screen. Create new user types named Customer Admin and Customer User with Linked Entity into Contact. You can assign which roles can be managed by Customer Admin in the Managed User Types column.

On the User Roles (SM201005) screen, create new user roles named Customer Admin and Customer User. Don’t forget to select the Guest Role box to link it with the external user.

On the User (SM201010) screen, create new users named Ray Newman as Customer User and Tonya Lawrence as Customer Admin. Make sure to fill in the right identity and select the right role in the Roles column.

To manage the right access to those roles, go to the Customer Self-Service Portal using the Portal Admin credential (ex: Kimberly Gibbs) and then open the Access Screen by Role (SM201025) screen. In this screen, the portal admin also can manage more specific access using the node in the left pane and then define the access rights using the right pane.

When the customer login into the Customer Self-Service Portal using their own credential, the customer user (ex: Ray Newman) who is just a basic customer managed to have more limited access than the customer admin (ex: Tonya Lawrence) who can manage the customer users and some administration function.

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